More Vaping despite Growing Evidence of Risks

Dank vapes are among the most trending products in youth these days. Health authorities and other officials have been working to prevent vaping, but the stats from the previous year tell totally opposite story. According to a report from 2019, in every five students from junior school or secondary school, one student was found using vaping products. This percentage is an alarming situation.

Health Risks of Vaping

Health issues associated with vaping are not myths anymore. Vaping is injurious to human health no matter what kind of thc vape juice you consume. It is a fact that vaping is less harmful as compared to traditional cigarette smoking, yet it is not safe.

Vaping products can lead to serious health issues like respiratory disorders, and these are not light abnormalities. Many people have fallen prey to these medical problems and ended up losing their lives. Especially in the days of the pandemic, fake news was spreading that smoking can prevent the spread of Coronavirus, but WHO clarified that there is no medical evidence behind this claim.Vaping

Apart from serious medical conditions, dank vapes and THC vape oils are major causes behind many other health risks too, including:

Vaping affects the human lungs.

Negative impacts for overall oral health

A serious problem for heart health

Being addicted to nicotine

Why are people getting more attracted to vape oils and other vaping products knowing the health risks? Let’s see what motivates our youth to get involved with more vaping.

Vaping is Emerging Trend in Youth

Research shows that more than 20% of students admitted they had smoked some kind of vape or THC vape oil during the period of the last 30 days. This number jumped from 6% in 2104 to 20% in 2019. Almost 40% of the individuals from that group were addicted to daily vaping. If you search terms like “vape stores near me,” then you will realize that how vaping products are in high demand.

Most of these people switched from cigarettes to vapes. Many vape consumers think that only vapes with nicotine are harmful to human health; meanwhile, typical vapes are something to worry about. Health risks of dank vapes are lower than other addictions, yet we cannot let this fact encourage youth to consume more THC vape oils and other products.

Vapes as a better alternative to Cigarette

The initial intention of vaping was to assist individuals who want to quit smoking. 7 out of 10 smokers want to quit smoking, but they find it extremely hard to quit bad habits at once. But recent trends showcase another threat. More than 42% of vaping addicts said they had never smoked cigarettes before vaping.

Smoke Shop near me– Easy Access to Vapes

With the increase in the demand of vapes and other dank cartridges, getting access to vape oils is just like a cup of tea. You can find vapes online and at smoke shops near you. Easy access is another motive behind the growing demand for vaping.

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