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The Brass Knuckles brand was established in Los Angeles, California, by none other than legendary rapper Xzibit. For a long time, brass knuckles vape for sale have long since been considered the best, and strongest, on the market. The Forbidden Fruit concentrate tested at an incredible 90% THC content, proving the uniqueness of the brass knuckles vape pen. The vape cartridges equally have a lot of great features and remain one of the most popular cartridges on the market. So if you are wondering which brand of vape to try next, then you’ve come to the right place. Visit our shop today and browse through and order one of our vape cartridges. Buy brass knuckles vape.

Brass Knuckles battery is designed to utilize concentrate oil cartridges and comes in two variations of wood or gold finish. Also, Brass Knuckles battery features 900mAh capacity with variable voltage and Preheat mode. It works like a regular vape pen battery with single button operation settings

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We provide the best quality products to our most trusted customers. They have also proven to be tentative to the ever-evolving market with first-grade innovations. We have also been known to carry some of the strongest vape products in the market with a great selection of amazing flavor profiles ranging from Indica, Sativa to Hybrid flavors. With us, you get quality, aesthetic with every vape you take. These vape cartridges come with the following features.

  • Brass Knuckles vapes for sale contains probably the most potent oils on the market.Supports from probably the most decent big namesExtravagance represented in every vape pen

    The flavor is of no limitation with our wide cluster of determination.

    Indica, Sativa, or hybrid? We have them all.

    With us, you can hope to discover excellence and innovative products.

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