Chernobyl Dank Vapes



THC 96.1%

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Chernobyl Dank Vapes

Chernobyl vape danks are an 80 Sativa/20 Indica hybrid reproduced by TGA Subcool Seeds. In 2010 got one of High Times Top 10 strains of the year. Chernobyl strain is useful for daytime and morning use because of stimulative impact. Chernobyl dank vapes are ideal for parties and other social collaborations. This dank cartridge is powerful, with THC levels of up to 20%. Therefore she isn’t the best decision for newbies. Experienced clients ought to be aware of the portion to maintain a strategic distance from neurosis and couchlock. As a result of this, the effects on your mind and body are quite substantial and could leave you with racing thoughts if taken in excess.

Kind of High Of Chernobyl Vape Danks

Certainly, many vapers love the Chernobyl strain for its ability to uplift and invigorate the body. If you suffer from chronic fatigue, the energetic nature of this dank cart will awaken even the sleepiest of people. Mental illness and mood or attention disorders stand little chance against the Chernobyl strain too, as it is recommended for anyone suffering from depression, stress, bipolar, or ADHD. Her all-over tingles and moderate relaxation makes this strain idyllic for treating muscle tension and cramps as well as mild aches and pains.

Hereditary qualities

Reproducer: TGA Subcool

Genealogy: Trainwreck and Trinity and Jack the Ripper strains.

Indica/Sativa Ratio

Sativa Dominant Hybrid (80% Sativa/20% Indica)

Normal THC/CBD Level

29.75/20.00% THC 0.51/0.57% CBD 0.01/0.32% CBN


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