Durban Poison



THC 94.2%


Durban Poison Dank Vapes

Expect a major blow to the head from this super-potent dank vape cartridge. A pure Sativa, Durban Poison dank vapes is the darling inbred relative of a Sativa strain developed in South Africa. Ed Rosenthal, an American cannabis extremist, found the first Durban Poison strain and acquired back to the United States during the 1970s. It has for quite some time been the most loved of stoners and medicinal dank cart for patients here. Durban Poison strain has THC levels that can arrive at 24%, making it one of the world’s all the more dominant strains. It’s just very easy to get your hands on this stuff, and because it’s more or less entirely Sativa, it offers fairly predictable results when bred with other strains. So you shouldn’t be surprised when you see this cart mentioned time and time again.

Highs of Durban Poison Vape Danks

Durban Poison vape danks hit with a solid, cheerful head high that is extraordinary for innovativeness and daytime tasks. Paranoia might be a potential reaction, alongside dry mouth. Durban Poison strain is a powerful treatment for depression and anxiety, as well as chronic pain, and it can also be helpful with nausea. This strain is perfect for making concentrates, as the bud is shrouded in curiously large trichomes. The predominant smell and taste of this dank cartridge are earthy and sweet, with a subtle pine fragrance. The buds are round and thick, with a thick covering of trichomes. This dank vape is best for dynamic periods, errands, and other sunshine exercises. Very basic yet wide in its appeal. No wonder it’s become so foundational in recent times.


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