Gorilla Glue



THC 96.4%


Gorilla Glue Dank Vapes Full Gram

Gorilla Glue dank vapes, otherwise called “420 Glue vape carts” are an indica predominant hybrid (60% indica/40% Sativa)dank vape cartridge. They are made through crossing the exemplary Chocolate Diesel X Sour Diesel strains. This dank cart packs an insane ground-breaking high that leaves you feeling like your mind is filling up with glue. This is all powered by a madly intense 25-28% normal THC level. New vapers should go easy with this cart, as it can produce some unpleasant side effects if you aren’t careful. Many notice a super dry mouth right away, so keep water handy and prepare for dry and itchy eyes. Those who are extra sensitive may experience anxiety that leads to paranoia, dizziness, or a headache.

Highs Of Gorilla Glue Vape Danks

The high of gorilla Glue vape danks starts with a cerebral surge that leaves you feeling upbeat yet absolutely dim, with no expectation of concentrating on anything at any point in the near future. As your head high form and assembles, your body will be washed over with a profound body buzz, leaving you feeling totally stoned and enduring. These impacts keep going for quite a long time and regularly end in a profound rest for the lesser experienced.

As a result of these impacts, Gorilla Glue strain is ideal for treating conditions, like, ceaseless pain, depression, insomnia, nausea, and muscle spasms. Gorilla Glue strain has a too acrid diesel concoction season that is staggeringly cruel and adheres to your tongue long after you complete the process of vaping. The smell is significantly progressively ground-breaking, with a marginally sweet acrid mocha impact that is emphasized by compound diesel. Gorilla Glue strain has had small round piecey dark olive green nugs with purple undertones and tiny white crystal trichomes.


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