Grape Ape Dank Vapes

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Grape Ape Dank Vapes

Grape Ape-DANKVAPES-DANK CARTS-VAPE CARTS: The cannabis strain Grape Ape is a ground-breaking indica that gets its name from its unmistakable shading and flavor.

Its thick buds take after huge blackberries or grapes that are a profound purple shading when prepared to gather and its taste and smell are like sweet berries with a skunky undercurrent.

The guardians of Grape Ape are the indica Afghani, crossover Skunk No. 1, and some accept that half breed Mendocino Purps is likewise a piece of the heredity. Analysts have made note that it is a phenotype of the renowned Grand Daddy Purple.Grape Ape-DANKVAPES-DANK CARTS-VAPE CARTS


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