Hindu Kush Dank Vapes



Hindu Kush Dank Vapes

Hindu Kush dank vapes is an unadulterated Indica. This dank carts strain develops predominantly on lower regions of the Hindu Kush mountain go that stretches 500 miles among Pakistan and Afghanistan, verifiably utilized essentially for hashish generation. Hindu Kush strain is an exceptionally strong, produces dim green plants with expansive Indica leaves. The buds are thick and profoundly resinous. The Hindu Kush strain is useful for night and evening time therapeutic and recreational use. The THC composition of Hindu Kush is typically measured at between 15% and 20%.

Sort of High Of Hindu Kush Vape Danks

Hindu Kush vape danks actuate cerebral rapture pursued by full personality body unwinding. Inspires state of mind empowers the psyche, prompts chuckles. At higher portion prompts total sedation and rest. Soothes pressure controls torment, invigorates hunger. Otherwise known as Hindu. Hindu Kush strain is an unadulterated Indica.

Indica/Sativa Ratio

Unadulterated Indica

Normal THC/CBD Level

14.00/19.50% THC 0.51/1.03% CBD 0.20/0.40% CBN


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