Key Lime Pie



THC 92.1%


Key Lime Pie Dank Vapes Cartridges

Key Lime Pie dank vapes is a hybrid with a 75/25 indica predominance and a strong THC level of 22%. It is known for its luscious chocolate mint fragrance and comparatively charming flavor, which is smooth and smoky and offers an amazing lime persistent flavor. Key Lime Pie strain is unmistakable by their thick, hide secured nugs that are greenish-purple in shading and canvassed in clingy pitch.

Kind of High of Key Lime Pie Vape Danks

Key Lime Pie Vape Danks is beguiling in that it tastes sweet however sneaks up suddenly. It gives a solid and intense evening time high. PTSD, joint inflammation, and nervousness side effects are assisted with the utilization of this strain.

Hereditary qualities: 75% Indica/25% Sativa. Key Lime Pie strain is a phenotype of the ever-famous Girl Scout Cookies strain.


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