King Louie



THC 94.5%


King Louie Dank Vapes Cartridges

King Louie dank vapes is an indica prevailing hybrid cartridge which is very solid. With a 70:30 indica/sativa proportion, it has a thrilling 20% THC content. The dank vape is named after the King Louie XIII of France for an awesome explanation and it doesn’t baffle. The King Louie strain is inconceivably thick and enormous at the same time being secured with orange hairs. You will see light greens among the whites, it is a treat for any cannabis client without a doubt. The smell is amazingly new, substantial, yet sweet simultaneously. Moreover, it is scrumptious, it is an ideal mix of sweet and sours, in this way making it a perfect strain to cure with.

Kind of highs of King Louie Vape Danks

King Louie vape danks will overpower your faculties, it’s anything but a creeper and rather hits hard. You will encounter an overwhelming inclination all through your body and head at the same time feeling euphoric and cheerful. Thinking about its belongings, the strain is prescribed for evening use. It is the ideal answer for people who are experiencing sleep deprivation as it will take you out for good in only minutes. That being stated, King Louie strain has bounty to offer and is similarly as viable for regarding constant torments and hurts also.


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