Mars OG Dank Vapes



Mars OG Dank Vapes

Mars OG dank vapes are solid and relaxing medicinal vape cartridges that are created by intersection Mars and OG dank vapes. The Indica assortment is predominant in this strain. The plant delivers a few buds that are green in shading with hints of orange. It has a mellow to medium-high THC level that reaches from 16.53% to 21.75%. Its CBD content is around 0.09% to 0.6%. It has a sharp fragrance and flavor with traces of grape and natural flavors. It feels very great to smoke and has an extremely loosening up impact on your framework. The taste of Mars OG strain will likely conjure feelings of nostalgia, it’s rich taste is that classic OG Kush flavor.

Mars OG Vape Danks For Sale

The prominent impact of Mars OG vape danks is that it makes you incredibly lazy. You don’t want to do anything once you vape it. Notwithstanding that, Mars OG strain makes you euphoric, sleepy, uplifted and happy. This strain is superb for treating insomnia. You before long nod off in the wake of vaping it and rest for a seriously long time subsequent to utilizing it. Mars OG strain is additionally valuable for treating stress and anxiety of various sorts. It is useful in easing the manifestations of depression. You can likewise utilize it to get gentle chronic pains, yet it is generally proper for settling sleep deprivation issues. It can likewise be utilized for treating loss of appetite as it stimulates hunger.


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