THC E-Liquid Blueberry Kush 4ml


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THC Percentage = 80%

Blueberry kush is a very admired strain and flavor. A classic indica, and Blueberry terpene blend is aspired by the famous and legendary DJ Short Blueberry. The sweet aroma and flavor of fresh blueberries invites you in and provides you with long-lasting relaxation and comfort, mixed with lots of euphoria. drowsiness, euphoria, hunger, pain relief, relaxation. All this makes THC E-Liquid Blueberry Kush a top choice amongst medical patients, as well as our #1 of our best-selling blends!
* 4,200mg in each bottle
* 100% Solvent-Free Distillate
* Cannabis derived terpene

1 review for THC E-Liquid Blueberry Kush 4ml

  1. Ethan S.

    Alright people. I am a Colorado Native, so I do my research before going into any dispensary. I don’t want scam prices for dirt greens. But let me tell you… I love pure. I am so glad I was referred here & so glad my friend and I went in. CJ is the absolute best – so knowledgeable, our visit was full of laughs, and he does not mess around when picking your bud (gave us great advice). Will DEFINITELY become regulars here. Great bud. Great prices. Great service. We had a beautiful experience!

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