Vaping Dank Vapes makes lung bacteria more harmful and cause more inflammation

If you hear the growth in cases related to dank vapes, then you are not alone. Dank vapes are trending almost everywhere, especially among youth. Why smokers face lung-related issues at an early age? Are you one of those few smokers who started vaping with the belief that vapes are safe for human health?

Well, the initial perceptions were totally against reality. People started THC vape juices and other products to quit smoking, but later on, reports clarified that vaping is just as bad for lung health as typical smoking.

Vape Exposure and Lung Bacteria

Cigarette smoking and other smoking addictions are the main reasons for asthma and other respiratory health risks. Can we expect the same response from the vaping products too? Is vaping harmful for lungs and health?

Simply stating, exposure of THC vape oils and vapors from vaping products assist the lung bacteria in causing more damage. Diseases like asthma and COPD are caused by harmful lung bacteria that increase the inflammation in the body.  

Is Vaping as harmful as smoking?

Smoking cigarettes can lead to lung diseases, as inflammation and lung infections are correlated. Can you use dank vapes as an alternative to the cigarette to quit smoking? Are vaping dank vapes safe for lung health?

Here in this debate, the experts have two opposite beliefs. Some medical specialists consider vaping as safer than smoking as the harm rate is too low, but some strongly condemn the use of vape oils and THC vape juice. In some way, vaping is actually undermining the individuals’ will to quit smoking at all.

Vapers are more likely to get Chronic Lung Disease

Occasional vaping for fun may not be something to worry about at all. If you are addicted to vape oils and dank vapes, then you should know that vapers are 1.3 times more likely to develop serious chronic lung diseases. Is vaping less harmful than a cigarette? Yes, dank vapes are somehow safer than the cigarette as cigarette smokers have 2.6 times more chances of developing chronic lung diseases.

Vaping causes more inflammation

Bacterial strains in the lungs empower the bacteria in the lungs. The increase in lung inflammation eventually disturbs the proper working of lungs that leads to poor lung functions. Due to poor defense and slow working of lungs, smokers face breathing issues and other chronic lung diseases. If not taken care of these addictions on time, you may end up in a hospital bed on the ventilator.

Final Verdict

When it comes to the growth of H. influenzae, P. aeruginosa, and S. pneumoniae bacterium growth, vapes and cigarette smoke do the same damage to the lungs. S. aureus is the main reason behind skin infections, and vapes help the bacteria to grow even at faster rates as compared to cigarette smoke. In some cases, vapes might be safer options, but for lung diseases, you cannot rely on any vaping products. The impact of various vaping products can be different, but it is crystal clear that vaping is injurious to lung health.

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